QuickReport 5.06 Release Notes

Quickreport Version 5.06 currently only for Delphi XE3-5 32 & 64 bit includes the following:-

  1. Very few compiler hints and warnings or none, depending on project settings. Where possible the code has been changed to avoid hints and warnings when QR5.06 is recompiled.
  2. No memory leaks: There are none in our tests, and we will remove any that are found in the QR5.06 code.
  3. Three new components/controls
    1. Preview controller component - this is a component that controls the standard and xml previewers.
    2. Metric label control - allows precision printing of text.
    3. Vector graphic control - allows direct drawing/painting onto the output device.
  4. Other Enhancements
    1. Printer-free execution: It is not necessary to have a printer installed to execute non-printing methods lile Prepare and ExportToFilter.
    2. Proper scaling when screen dpi options deployed: If end-users set Windows desktop to use an enhanced resolution this is factored into the preview scaling.
    3. Option to select high resolution export for RTF to PDF: Richtext segments are exported to PDF as high resolution images, ensuring that the text remains readable at high zoom.