Quickreport .NET Adapter Beta 1.1


Current beta is available for download and use by registered users of Quickreport 5 Pro.

QR .Net Adapter Beta 1.1

Using the QR.NET adapter

The adapter is designed to read Quickreport definitions in DFM, QR2 or QRD format, saved as text. Binary design files can be converted to text using a simple Windows Forms application.

Because of the different data access layers in Win32 and .NET it is necessary to make a database connection by hand in order for the report to run.

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This version will run simple reports based on a database table. We have tested it with Microsoft Visual Studio 2005, 2008, 2010. Probably works OK with 2003 as well.

Not supported:

  • Master/Detail reports
  • RichText
  • No exporting except to XML is implemented

Building an Application

  1. Start a new project in C# or VB with one form.
  2. Add a button and a QR.NET adapter.
  3. Add this code to the button onClick
    C#: qrnetAdapter1.PreviewDFMReport("filename");
    VB: qrnetAdapter1.PreviewDFMReport("filename")
    (where "filename" is the design file)
  4. Select the qr.net adapter component in design mode and press F4 to get the properties window.
  5. Click on the 'DataControl' property and press the edit button ( it has 3 dots on it ).
  6. The connection dialog appears. Use the 'Build Connection string' button to connect to the database.
  7. Add an SQL 'select' statement to the SQL box and test.

When the data connection is established, run the application. When the button is pressed the report is created and displayed in the standard preview.

Adapter Methods

Note that both DFM and QRD files may be input.

  • PreviewDFMReport( string Designfile )
    Executes the report and displays it in the standard preview
  • PrintDFMReport( string Designfile, bool DoSetup)
    Executes the report and sends it to a printer. Allows optional printer setup/selection.
  • SaveDFMReport( string Designfile, string Outputfile)
    Executes the report and saves a s XML.
  • PreviewQRXFile( string QRXFilename)
    Loads and displays a saved report
  • PreviewQRPReport( string QRPFilename )
    Displays a QRP report document from Win32 QuickReports

Sample Code

A simple C# application is in the Samples/AdapterTest directory. It uses the design 'CustOrders.QRD' which is in the Bin/Debug directory where the executable is. The report requires a connection to the Northwind database in SQL server.

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