QuickReport 5 with Gnostice Technologies (GT) PDF export components

These QR versions iincorporate two new components, the Gnostice PDFEngine and the PDF export component Gnostice QRExportInterface.
Note: the free Gnostice components are not available for QR versions after Delphi 2010. For a free PDF library please check out Synapse library at the QuickReport forum

The PDFEngine creates excellent documents which support nearly all the text and graphic elements of reports. In RAD 6.0 PDF documents may contain Unicode (requires unicode fonts to be installed).

Feature matrix for gtQRExportInterface
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Getting started with the GT components

The export component is self-installing like all QR exporters, so no coding is required to save from the preview.
  1. Place a gtPDFEngine component and a gtQRExportInterface on the main form or the report form.
  2. Set the 'Engine' property of the export component to the gtPDFEngine.
  3. Preview the report and save as PDF

A new feature

You may load report documents saved as QRP and export them to PDF. Use the 'Load' button on the preview form, then save directly to PDF.

Help files

The Gnostice CHM help file is distributed with the software and may be found in the 'Documentation' directory below the source directory.

Sample Code

Download samples that use the DBDEMOS database.
Delphi Sample code.
C++Builder Sample code.

Licence information

You are free to distribute applications containing GT components but you are bound by this licence

Features of Gnostice eDocEngine QR Edition

  • Supports exporting of all characters from the report to PDF.
  • Excellent compression of generated PDF.
  • All contents of the report are exported without extra effort - no need to use special controls for shapes, lines etc.
  • 40-bit and 128-bit Encryption of PDF files during exporting.
  • Support for setting document properties like Author, Title, Subject etc.
  • Exporting Richtext as high quality Richtext, so it can be searched, select-copied and is lightweight.
  • Exporting metafiles as metafiles, so it is lightweight, high quality and text within it can be searched, select-copied.
  • Converting reports saved as .QRP directly to PDF.
  • Programmatic export without QR preview or with custom QR preview.

About Gnostice eDocEngine Professional

Gnostice eDocEngine Professional is a generic, VCL electronic document creation component suite. You can create rich electronic documents in over 20 popular formats, including PDF, RTF, HTML, Excel, TIFF, SVG, PNG, JPEG, Metafile and many more. eDocEngine tightly integrates with all major reporting tools such as QuickReport to produce crisp output in the 20 formats, WITHOUT a single line of code. eDocEngine also supports exporting from Express Printing System, TRichView, ThtmlViewer, GmPrintSuite and TMS Grid controls and other VCL products.

Features of Gnostice eDocEngine Professional

  • Availability of source code.
  • Many additional formats for exporting, like RTF, Excel, BMP, JPG etc.
  • Independent, full-fledged document creation API.
  • Render metafiles to PDF
  • Create PDF Forms
  • Create Interactive PDF files with bookmarks, annotations with embedded JavaScript
  • Create attractive HTML, RTF and Excel documents
  • Render paragraphs, tables, and text boxes
  • Draw various shapes & images at required positions
  • Insert header, footer, watermark and stamps to the generated documents
  • Output can be generated in memory and/or streamed to a website
  • Standard run-time setup dialog for setting various document options (can also be customized).
  • Www, name@mail.com, http:// text automatically get converted to hyperlinks.
  • Programmable events for Page/Document start and end.
  • Three levels of document compression.
  • In-depth support for output customization.
  • Many additional reporting tools support like AceReport, ReportBuilder, etc.
  • Other third-party component support like RichEdit, JEDI RichEdit, Emailing using Indy etc.
  • Priority technical support.

How to upgrade to eDocEngine Professional?

Please visit http://www.gnostice.com/eDocEngine_VCL_QR.asp in order to upgrade to eDocEngine Professional Edition at a special price.