QRDesign Features

  • Quickreport Standard 3 or 4, Quickreport Professional 3, 4 or 5
  • Delphi 5/6/7/2006/2007/2009 or C++ Builder 5/6/2006/2007 
  • Only available as part of Quickreport Pro version 5 or later
  • royalty-free use in all of your applications
  • royalty-free end user help / manual for distribution with your applications
  • full source code included, compiles with Delphi and C++ Builder
Ways of use
  • report editor compiles into your application without the need of external DLLs or other files
  • report editor can also be used standalone as a separate application for both printing and designing the report
  • report editor can be a standalone application, while printing the reports can be done from within your main application
  • QRDesign supports all Quickreport components and all of their properties. The end-user can create the same reports that you as the developer can create with Quickreport (and more). QRDesign has the usual features of a report designer (easy-to-use interface with full control over every report element, scaled preview, customizable, drag and drop creation of report elements etc.). 
  • QRDesign supports using all native and third-party Quickreport export filters for exporting to text, Excel, HTML, richtext, PDF, ...
  • QRDesign includes support for various barcode and other third-party components
Ease of use
  • Report-Expert for easy creation of various report types (details)
  • SQL Wizard for creating filtered queries with just a few mouse clicks (details)
  • create mailing labels easily with 1200 label formats from various brands already included (details)
  • end user help with report basics and tutorial that can be distributed with your application
  • the usual state-of-the-art editor capabilities that you know from the Delphi IDE, e.g. alignment palette, grids for moving and resizing report elements, multi-select of components etc.
  • property dialogs for every kind of report element
  • 22 languages, optionally can be switched at runtime (details)
    Available languages:
    Simplified Chinese*, Traditional Chinese*, Czech*, Danish*, Dutch*, English, Estonian*, Finnish*, French*, German, Hungarian*, Italian*, Korean*, Norwegian*, Polish*, Portuguese*, Russian*, Slovene*, Spanish*, Swedish*, Turkish* 
  • end user help in English, German, Italian*, Spanish*, Swedish* and Hungarian* language, royalty free, with help source
  • utility for easy translation to other languages (details)

(*Translation done by QRDesign user; see download page for credits)

Database features
  • support for BDE and BDE replacements like DBIsam, Apollo, IBX, IBO, ... (details)
  • supports ADO Express for accessing any database
  • can also be used with any TDataset descendant by accessing given datasets from any datamodule or other Delphi or C++ Builder form (so the report does not need to open a table which is already open in your application a second time) (details)
  • supports QuickReport's OnNeedData event for reports not based on TDatasets
  • supports query parameters to let the end-user easily specify filter criteria etc. (QRDesign can automatically ask the user for query parameter values before generating a report) (details)
  • unlimited number of tables and queries for each report, including master-detail-relationships
  • support for lookup fields and calculated fields
Fits easily into your existing application
  • can be included into your application within seconds (details)
  • supports various kinds of datasets (BDE, ADO Express, IBX, IBO, DBIsam, Apollo) directly
  • supports using all TDataset compatible components by using datamodules or datasets from any given form
  • compiles into your EXE file, no external files like DLL or VBX needed (can also be used as standalone application if needed).
  • reports can be saved to and loaded from files, streams or tables (blob fields)
  • save printer settings with the report files or supply printer settings yourself
  • your own custom (or third-party) query builder can be included.
  • three different default report editor forms included, e.g. a form which uses "RX Controls" toolbars
  • freely modify the default report editor form to fit your needs
  • create your own report editor dialog from scratch using QRDesign's powerful non-visual designer component "TQRepDesigner"
Make report designer easier and more safe for your end-user
  • limit the report editor to using only certain databases or tables
  • You can prevent single report elements from being deleted, edited or even moved. This way your end-user is not able to completely mess up the report. Or you can give full control to the end-user, so he can create new reports, add tables and queries, create master-detail-relationships, lookup fields etc.
  • You can put a bitmap behind a band or report page at design time only. This is useful if a report for a form has to be created, so you can use a scanned image of the form as a design background image
  • You can set alias-names for data fields and index names, so your end-user does not have to work with fieldnames like "CustNo1", but can use descriptive names like "Customer number".
  • You can hide certain data fields of a report table from the end-user, so he can not see fields which he does not need for report creation.
  • QRDesign can automatically ask the end-user for query parameters, e.g. for filtering or for any other things you can do with SQL statements
  • use your own custom expression functions
  • you can easily include your own or third party report components into QRDesign
  • support already included for: WPTools, Zorn Barcode, Schlottke Barcode, MountainTop barcode, QRPP, InfoPower, RX Tools, Teechart Pro, QuickReport Export (former "PsQRFilters"), Toolbar97, Richtext98
Enhanced Quickreport functionality
  • bands can be printed depending on an expression, e.g. only if a data field has a certain value
  • bands can be printed on even or odd page numbers only, not on the first or not on the last page
  • printing of data fields can be suppressed for repeated values or if their value is 0
  • DBImages can be loaded from a BMP-file according to a data field's string content, instead of loading them from a dataset's blob field
  • rotated labels and expressions
  • expressions can be used in memos and richtexts
  • lots of additional functions for QuickReport's expression evaluator
Advanced features
  • integrated script language to write event handlers at runtime (details)
  • You can use hard-coded calculated fields for difficult calculations which can not be done with QuickReport's expression evaluator or QRDesign's script language
  • You can save and load a report's datasets in separate files from the report elements, so you can use one report with different data views etc.
  • You can intercept loading of the report datasets, e.g. to change SQL statements, filtering, table paths etc. on the fly
  • use Quickreport events like BeforePrint, OnPreview etc. with QRDesign reports too
  • event to intercept every single creation of a report component, e.g. to set your own default properties
Even more features with QRPP
  • automatically create a report layout from a TDBGrid or TwwDBGrid
  • checkbox component that is toggled by a Quickreport expression
  • grid component to easily draw grid lines on a report
Dataset Interfaces
  • Some interface components are distributed in the main installer. If you require a dataset interface please contact support with details of the RAD version.

Compare QRDesign to other report designers, compare the prices and check out if you get the full source code. You will surely see that QRDesign is a very good choice. If you are missing a special feature please tell us. We are constantly improving QRDesign and are interested in any suggestions.

If you have any questions, please send Email to sales@qbssoftware.com .