The TQRAbstractReport is a TQuickRep without any of the database code and dependencies. If you want to drive a report from a text file for instance, there's no need for the DB functionality. Using TAbstractReport can shrink the size of your executable if you are not using any data aware controls in your application. You could also use the TQuickRep control, but you don't need it.

To drive a report from a text file do this -

#1 Create a report using the TAbstractReport control instead of using the TQuickRep control.

#2 Add a TQRStringsBand to the report. This is a band with a items property that is a built in stringlist.

#3 Add a TQRExpr control to the band. Set the following properties

Autosize - False

AutoStretch - True

Expression - to the name of the band (like 'QRStringsBand1')

Width - to the width of the band (can be done at runtime)

#4 Before calling Print or Preview, load the text file into the items property of the TQRStringsBand like this: QRStringsBand1.Items.LoadFromFile(SomeFileName)

#5 Call the preview or print methods.

The other properties, methods and events are those of TQuickRep excluding data oriented ones.