TQuickRep Component

TQuickRep - QuickReport is a banded report generator written in Delphi. Integrated very closely with Delphi and C++Builder, reports are designed in the Delphi IDE, using the IDE form designer as a report designer.

TQuickRep. This is the most important component of them all, a container for all the other printing components. It represents the paper on which your report will be printed. Its Page property lets you set up the dimensions of the paper you are going to print on, while the Dataset property specifies a source of data that the report will iterate through.

Note that, instead of dropping a TQuickRep component onto an ordinary form, you can instead add a TQuickReport module to your project using the template provided.

A TQuickReport is a bit like a TDataModule – it is a specialist type of form, which is never displayed to the user. If you wish you can use TQuickReport pseudo-forms instead of TQuickRep components on ordinary forms – there is no difference in their methods, properties and events. But we recommend, from experience, that you put a TQuickRep component on a form: it’s the more versatile approach. For example, having the TQuickRep component on a form lets you use the form’s OnCreate event if you want to create additional objects to be used by the report programmatically.