QR Design

QRDesign is an end-user report designer based on Quickreport.

With QRDesign the user of your application can create, edit, save and load his own reports. Reports can be completely customized at runtime.

QRDesign inherits all Quickreport features and even adds some more, and every feature is available to the end-user of your application. QRDesign has all features you would expect from a good report designer, and much more (report expert, query wizard, end user manual, integrated script language, mailing label support, ...).

Check out the QRDesign feature list!

A selection of screenshots is available here. QRDesign is used by more than 2000 developers world-wide and is currently available in 22 languages. The utility for easy translation of QRDesign to any other language will be available as a separate download.

QRDesign is available for Quickreport 3, 4 and 5. It is no longer available as a separate purchase but is included with Quickreport 5 Professional. This includes full source code and you can use it royalty-free in all of your applications.

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QRDesign is a fully customizable QuickReport end-user report-editor with lots of features. Integrate a complete report designer into your Delphi application within minutes and let the user modify or create his own report layout. Included is a report expert, a query wizard an integrated script language, ADO and DBIsam support, an end-user help file and manual and much more. QRDesign is available in more than 20 different languages...