Converting QuickReports to QRD format for QRDesign


You may use QR2QRD (available for download here source included) to convert your Quickreports, make sure that all required local alias names (i.e. alias names created with TDatabase) used in your reports are available to the project. QR2QRD is compiled for standard TTable and TQuery (BDE) components. If you want to use it with third party dataset components, you need to recompile it first after adding the appropriate dataset interface to its main form (and providing necessary database aliases).


QR2QRD will try to load and open dataset components that are on the original report form, but if it fails to do so, the datasets will be stored closed/inactive in the QRDesign report file. You will have to open the report file with the QRDesign report editor, go to the dataset properties dialog and select the closed datasets to reopen them.

Alternatively, the QRDTOOLS unit includes a function for converting existing QuickReports (either Delphi forms or TQREditor files) to QRDesign format:

procedure QuickreportToQRDesign(Source, Dest: String);

"Source" is the QuickReport file, which must be either a *.DFM or a *.QR file. "Dest" is the file name for the QRDesign file (extension should be *.QR2).


Whichever method is used, conversion of your existing *.DFM Quickreports is not completely automatic though, and the result may not be perfect for complicated reports. Especially if you make heavy use of event handlers like "BeforePrint" etc., you must do some additional work. Please see "Using events" in the helpfile for more information on this topic. Also, if you are using datasets on datamodules for your report, make sure that a TDatasource component exists for every dataset used. This is required by QRDesign.

3rd party datasets: If you are not using Delphi's standard TTable and TQuery components (e.g. if you are using InfoPower or Titan) on your reports, make sure that you have setup QRDesign for those third party dataset components Dataset_interfaces before trying to convert the report files.


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