Latest QuickReport Editions for C++ Builder(OLD)

Professional editions (Password required)

The installer below allows selection between Delphi or C++Builder support with a mix of Win32, Win64 or multi version installers
Delphi/C++Builder XE10 Seattle 5.06 Professional QR506DXE10_installer.exe
Delphi/C++Builder XE10 (Win32 only + BDE) 5.06 Professional QR506DXE10w32_installer.exe
Delphi/C++Builder XE8 5.06 Professional QR506DXE8_installer.exe
Delphi/C++Builder XE8 (Win32 only + BDE) 5.06 Professional QR506DXE8w32_installer.exe
Delphi/C++Builder XE7 (Win32 only + BDE) 5.06 Professional QR506DXE7w32_installer.exe
Delphi/C++Builder XE7 5.06 Professional QR506DXE7_installer.exe
The installers below are a mix of C++ installers with a mix of Win32 and Win64 Support
C++ Builder XE6 Win32/Win64 5.06 Professional QR506CBXE6Win64.exe
C++ Builder XE6 Win32 5.06 Professional QR506PCW32XE6.exe
C++ Builder XE5 Win32/Win64 5.06 Professional QR506CBXE5Win64.exe
C++ Builder XE5 (German) 5.06 Professional QR506PCW32XE5-GERMAN.exe
C++ Builder XE5 5.06 Professional QR506PCW32XE5.exe
C++ Builder XE4 Win32/Win64 5.06 Professional QR506CBXE4Win64.exe
C++ Builder XE4 5.06 Professional QR506PCW32XE4.exe
C++ Builder XE3 Win32/Win64 5.06 Professional QR506CBXE3Win64.exe
C++ Builder XE3 5.06 Professional QR506PCW32XE3.exe
C++ Builder XE2 5.06 Professional QR506PCW32XE2.exe
C++ Builder XE 5.06 Professional QR506PCW32XE.exe
C++ Builder XE6 Win32 5.05.2 Professional QR505CBW32XE6.exe
C++ Builder XE5 Win32/Win64 5.05.1 Professional QR505CBXE5Win64.exe
C++ Builder XE5 Win32 5.05.1 Professional QR505CBXE5.exe
C++ Builder XE4 Win64 5.05.1 Professional QR505CBXE4Win64.exe
C++ Builder XE4 Win32 5.05.1 Professional QR505CBXE4.exe
C++ Builder XE3 Win64 5.05.1 Professional QR505CBXE3Win64.exe
C++ Builder XE3 Win32 5.05.1 Professional QR505CBXE3.exe
C++ Builder XE2 5.05.1 Professional QR505CBXE2.exe
C++ Builder XE 5.05.1 Professional QR505CBXE.exe
C++ Builder 2010 5.05.1 Professional QR505PC2010.EXE
C++ Builder 2009 5.05.1 Professional QR505PC2009.EXE
C++ Builder 2007 5.02 Professional QR502PC2007.EXE
C++ Builder 2006 5.02 Professional QR502PC2006.EXE
C++ Builder 6 5.02 Professional QR502PC6.EXE

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Release Notes
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