QuickReport 5 Update

January-February 2010

This release consolidates enhancements and fixes that have been made in the last 12 months.

Continuous paper A new property of TPage, 'Continuous' adds support for printing from rolls
StartNewPageInComposite This is a new boolean property of the report object. It forces the report to begin on a new page in composite reports.
Full Justification For multiline text controls there is a new format mode to fully justify text.
Background thread option A new boolean property of the report 'CreateInBGThread' sets whether the preview report creation is performed in a background thread.
XML Custom Preview Support has been added for custom XML browsers. The existing procedure for creating a custom QRP browser can now be implemented for custom XML browsers. A sample custom XML browser is included in the source.
XML Preview Enhanced XML preview is enhanced, copy to clipboard added and sample code for drill-down and other functions added.
Wordwrap Style
(Unicode versions only)
Text controls which can wrap text automatically can now be set to break the text between characters as is customary in some languages.
Standard Preview The starting position of the standard preview can now be set.

Availability ( green means now available)
Delphi 6 22nd January
Delphi 7 22nd January
Delphi 2006 January
Delphi 2007 22nd January
Delphi 2009 23rd February
Delphi 2010 23rd February
C++Builder 6 22nd January
C++Builder 2006 February
C++Builder 2007 22nd January
C++Builder 2009 23rd February
C++Builder 2010 23rd February

Some fixes
Loading landscape QRP files fixed.
Orientation problem with custom paper sizes.
Some changes to RTF handling of single lines. Blob field handling.
Some changes to LLion PDF support to fix a bug.
Summary band with multicolumn reports fixed.
memory leaks in expression evaluator and printer control buffer.